Monday, August 1, 2011


harvest basket

tomato harvest

The garden continues to bless us with good varieties of summer veggies.  There are something new ripening every week.  I haven't bought any produce in a couple of months.  I feel like I'm getting as good of a selection from my garden, if not better, as it is from a supermarket.  Not to mention they taste better and have less mileages and storage life.

The huge green tomatoes above are Aunt Ruby's German Green, and they are my new favorite green tomato.  They are so pretty when they are ripe, light green with a tint of yellow and pink blush.  We refrigerate them and cut them into slices to snack on.  They are juicy, sweet, and refreshing.  The perfect snack on a hot summer day.  The  catalog describe their flavor as spicy.  I think they are rather mild but very flavorful and delicious.

My previous favorite green tomato was Green Zebra.  Unfortunately, the two Green Zebra plants I started from seeds turned out to be something else (Black Krim, I think).  I wish I had some Green Zebras to do a side-by-side taste test.

These are pictures of some of the harvest from last week.  In the pictures are - Black Krim tomatoes, Beefsteak tomatoes, Aunt Ruby's German Green tomatoes, Sun Gold cherry tomatoes, luffa gourd (Chinese okra), Big Bertha pepper, Better Belle pepper, Sweet Banana pepper, Birdseye chili peppers, Japanese eggplants, patty pans, cucumber, Delica pumpkin, Yard Long beans, Summerfest Komatsuna, purple mustard, green onions, garlic chives, and edible amaranth leaves.

summer harvest

veggie harvest

veggie harvest


Bee Girl said...

Beautiful harvest! Congrats on all your diversity!!!

Thomas said...

Nice harvest! I grew Aunt Ruby's German Green last year. They tasted marvelous. Unfortunately, the vine just doesn't produce well in our climate. Maybe I'll give them another try next year.

Daphne said...

Really pretty harvest. I'm so sad my yardlong beans didn't make it this year. Maybe next year I can get some to grow.

johanna said...

Nice harvest. Thanks for visiting my blog. I find when you cut the outer leaves of the swiss chard, it produces more and larger leaves with each cutting. I harvest every 4 days and I can keep it going all summer long.

Melissa said...

What a GREAT variety of veg. Yum!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and varied harvest for the week!

Sherry said...

Bee Girl, Melissa, FoodGardenKitchen~ Thanks!

Thomas, ARGG is some great tomato, isn't it? I can't stop eating them. You should certainly try again next year.

Daphne, sorry your yard long beans didn't make it. Ours were under pretty bad aphid attacks earlier, but they survived.

Johanna, thanks for visiting our blog and for the tip! I should harvest some swiss chard leaves, so they'll grow faster.